He is not a tame lion

“God is on the move, in the words of C.S. Lewis’ Mr. Beaver He is not a tame Lion”

Josh Sklar

Last summer I had the honor of doing ministry in Ontario, Canada; one of the things we did while I was there was help fix up an old church in what seemed like the middle of nowhere. Some weeks back I received an email from a church planter I worked with, he was telling me about how well the little church was doing, and at the end of the email he said “God is on the move, in the words of C.S. Lewis’ Mr. Beaver He is not a tame Lion.”

Initially the last part of the email didn’t strike me at all, but as I thought about it later it did. This is a reference to Lewis’ book series the Chronicles of Narnia a tale with many biblical parallels one of which is Aslan the Lion who parallels Jesus. Aslan was powerful, loving, and kind; God is powerful, loving, and kind. However, he is also incomprehensible, He always has a plan, and He always seems to take what seems like the most unlikely things and circumstances for His use.

God is on the move. He is on the move in a little chapel in Ontario and He is on the move in your life. He is always working to bring people to Him and to bring Himself glory. Because “He is not a tame Lion” He doesn’t need us or our approval, but He does graciously use us to further His kingdom and His work. However, an “untamed lion” will bring you out of your comfort zone, He will take you places you never thought possible, He’ll take your precious plans and make far better ones, He’ll use a once abandoned chapel in what seems like the middle of nowhere as a place to share His good news to a town of people desperate to learn about His goodness. God is on the move. He answers to no one, but welcomes anyone who is willing to follow Him. “He is not a tame Lion.”