Life Lessons Learned While Weeding

I was doing some gardening on a mission trip about a year ago, while working I came across a weed that was deeply rooted. I wanted to pull it and get rid of it, but it just wasn’t that simple. I could pull and pull, but I didn’t have the right tools and experience, so it did no good. There were other weeds and soil that needed to be cleared first. I couldn’t just attack the problem all at once I needed a plan and help. At one point I just did what I could at the time and said I’ll work on the weed later. No, I didn’t do exactly what I wanted, but I did make progress. I could work with the patch of land now. It was much less messy.

In life sometimes we have deeply rooted problems that we want to get rid of, but it’s just not that simple.

Later I came back to the same little patch. An older woman who has been gardening for years had totally cleared the space, and it looked great.

When we have deeply rooted problems we need to go to God- He is the “Ultimate Gardener”. He clears the nastiness out of our hearts better than anyone or anything. Through His word, His people, and His presence he gets us through difficulty and teaches us important lessons we would not have learned any other way. If the problem just goes away like we originally wanted it to we wouldn’t be nearly as strong or trusting in God’s plan. Sometimes we need the process of getting rid of the problem as much as (or more than) we actually need to get rid of the problem.



An Insignificant Evening

Back in December I was hanging out at a coffee shop in Indianapolis with a few friends; we were being rather quiet that evening as one of us was performing, one of us was doing homework, and the other two of us were writing. I had recently decided that I was going to move back home, so the evening was overshadowed with a bit of melancholy. At some point in the evening I wrote this poem describing the situation and how I felt about it. There wasn’t anything special about the evening we were just being together and that’s why I appreciated the evening so much. God places us in seasons of life and sometimes we are so focused on what’s in the future that we forget to look around and soak in here and now.

An Insignificant Evening

Small café

Small table

Small amount of time

Dear friends doing nothing in particular

Listening to music

People watching

Catching up on work

Enjoying each other’s company

Not realizing the need to soak up the moment for all of its worth

Pens on paper

Keyboard clicking

Guitar strumming

It’s truly nothing special

An insignificant evening easily forgotten in a sea of evenings, afternoons, and mornings that make this thing called life

It’s the evenings like these that characterize different seasons of life

That make certain seasons precious

It’s funny how significant this insignificant evening is

For it is the evenings like this one that make us treasure the season it calls home