It’s All About Thinking of Yourself Less

For this particular post I am shamelessly taking inspiration from one of the songs we are going over in children’s choir for the upcoming musical. The song is called “Self Less” and shocker it’s about being selfless. I absolutely adore how they go about taking on such a common and easily forgotten topic. The entire musical does this in a very cutesy way, but I love this particular song.

The song starts off talking about the little boy who gave the two fish and five loaves of bread when Jesus fed the five thousand. Actually when I went to the gospels to find whether the little boy was a part of feeding the four thousand or five thousand I was not able to find even a mention of the little boy being the one who gave the food until the gospel of John (chapter 6). This honestly makes it pretty clear to me how insignificant this little guy was in the eyes of society. It would have been easy for him to say “How will my food help feed thousands of people? I won’t even bother.” However he did and because it was Jesus, he was used. Our Lord and Savior uses insignificant people like you and I who just want to love and bless others.

The next part of the song is a chorus that I’ll talk about later, after the chorus is a verse about the Good Samaritan. For this passage I went to Luke 10:25. The poor traveler was robbed and beaten almost to death. You would think that the religious guys who passed by him would have helped since they were devoted to doing the work of God, but for various reasons they were both too holy to help. Now the passage never says why they passed by on the other side, but there is certainly commentary and speculation out there if you are more interested in the why. The third guy was a Samaritan since our poor traveler was on the way from Jerusalem it’s a pretty safe bet that this guy was a Jew and in an area in which Samaritans weren’t welcome. Once again if you are interested in the why on either of these things there’s certainly commentary and speculation out there. Since the Samaritan was in a place where he was so unwelcomed it would have been easy for him to also pass by, but he didn’t. He took care of traveler and paid for him to be cared for even after he left. This Samaritan was very clearly not liked by the people surrounding him. There was a lot of prejudice against him, but he helped anyway. Our Lord and Savior is one who loves those that society does not and He uses them to bless the lives of others.

Now for the chorus, honestly it’s my favorite part of the song because it ties these two stories together so well. It says “If you’re looking for ways to be like Jesus, how you can live so people are blessed. It’s not about thinking less of yourself, it’s all about thinking of yourself less.” Both of these stories could have easily ended with “I’m not significant enough” or “I’m not welcomed in this area, staying to help this guy could mean bad things for me”, but they didn’t. Both people helped even though they weren’t likely candidates. They didn’t let their shortcomings or the fact that they felt uncomfortable stop them, instead they focused on the need at hand and gave what they could. I love that this chorus focuses on not thinking less of ourselves. I can’t count the amount of times that I let a pity party ruin an opportunity to bless someone else, I was so focused on myself and my shortcomings I completely forgot about the other person. Remember it’s not about thinking less of yourself, it’s all about thinking of yourself less.


The Majesty and Power of God

I wrote this the summer I was in Canada. On the day I wrote this I was on a canoe trip doing what they referred to as solo day. Essentially this means they dropped us off at secluded location near camp and we spend several hours spending time with God. I naturally did quite a bit of writing and this is one of the poems that I wrote that day.canada-pic

The Majesty and Power of God

As I sit by the water hearing waves crash on the rocks because of the intense wind I praise God

As I see my canoe shake and all the tree limbs around me blow this way and that I praise God

As I look up to dark ominous sky and feel my fear of the rain and my lack of shelter I praise God

As I think of how small I am and how minuscule my time here is compared to all of eternity I praise God

My God is a powerful one stirring the lake and the winds around me. Proclaiming His majesty in the beauty of the waves crashing on the rocks. The wavering tree limbs bowing in awe at His strength. All I can do in this moment is praise God.