Get Some Rest

Rest is a good thing. I am so prone to try to fill my schedule to the brim, but it’s not healthy. This idea of stopping to rest is one that has been quite prominent in my mind the past few weeks. I realized how much I needed to reevaluate this recently for a multitude of reasons, but one of the simpler reasons was I came across a quote by Bob Goff author of my favorite book Love Does that said “It’s easy to confuse a lot of activity with a purposeful life. Get some rest.” If that isn’t me to a T I don’t know what is. I have recently found that the more I allow myself to rest the more I remember the things I enjoy. The more that I rest the more that I am able to not just survive the hour, the day, the week, whatever, in addition I am thriving.

I am often led back to a rather haunting thought: what’s the point in doing everything if you aren’t able to stop long enough to experience any of it? When my schedule is so full I’m so focused on surviving that I often miss opportunities to soak up the incredible moments.

Coming to the realization that rest is good is always incredibly freeing, because so often I feel obligated to do things that clutter my schedule and freak me out. I want to love God, others and myself well but so often I get focused on the first two and ultimately I fail because I get caught up in doing things rather than actually loving God and others. Honestly it very quickly and easily becomes me doing things for the sake of doing them and feeling good about myself because I’m doing things. In short I ignore the fact that I am only human and I need rest.

There are so many passages that I could point to that speak to this topic in some way, but I’m going to go back to creation. God created the earth and then took a day to rest. Later in the Ten Commandments He established keeping the Sabbath as a day set aside for worship AND rest. Why did He set these examples and expectations? Because He knows that we are only human and we need rest. Our need for rest points us back to Him and quite frankly that is beautiful. Lovely human as you read this remember that rest is a good thing that helps equip us for loving others and more importantly God.

Get some rest.