I Love Tea

How did I become someone who is quite frankly a bit obsessed with tea? It’s not something that I grew up with, so there’s no childhood nostalgia attached. I don’t study the different types so that I might brew them in the most delicious way, so I clearly have no intent to be a connoisseur. I just love tea. I love the comfort that comes with sipping on a warm cup of liquid in the morning whether that morning is lazy or busy. It can be as bland or sweet and lavish as I want it to be. I love that there is variety, but also stability in this one type of product.

Perhaps I love it because of the journey I went on to get to the point of loving it. Before I drank tea I had lattes almost every day this was not good for my health or waistline, so I turned to learning how to drink tea straight. I figured if I learned to drink it straight it would be a healthier option. A few months later as I moved into a dorm suite full of tea lovers I had several opportunities to discover the loveliness that can be found in a cup of tea.

Drinking tea makes me think of sitting in the sun while listening to music, and it makes me think of tea parties on the floor with laughs and thought provoking conversation. It makes me think of the person who gave me the tea or what I was doing when I bought it. I love tea because it is both delicious and has a myriad of fond memories that I have the pleasure of remembering when I drink it or brew it. What is even more beautiful is the memories are constantly being added to. Maybe it isn’t tea, but find the thing that does this for you. Find the thing that you can enjoy both because it is something you can share with people dear to you and because you simply love the product.

Finally, treasure it. Perhaps this is cheesy, but treasure the moments you get to spend reveling in the things that innocently bring you joy. Revel in this joy whether it comes from a cup of tea or something equally as geeky. Life is stressful and chaotic, so stop and enjoy your tea.


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